Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vegan mofo Day 19: Thanksgiving!

There are ten minutes left to this day and the holiday before it officially becomes "Christmas Season" and Black Friday. But I'm here with today's eats:
Tempeh Shepherdess Pie filling from Veganomicon.
This is the filling-sadly there is no final put together shot with the mashed potatoes. It was devoured by omni and veg alike too quickly! We used chickpeas instead of tempeh and it turned out fantastic.
Chocolate Gluten Freedom Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World
A family member has recently been instructed to be gluten free for health reasons, and mentioned that baked goods were one thing that they missed. We brought these cupcakes which were very well received by the omnivore crowd. They were eaten over the pumpkin and pecan pies also present today.

As for our meal, husband and I needed a simple and portable dish since we were traveling across town to visit family. We prepared the shepard's pie up until the point of baking it in the oven and then drove over, finally popping it into an oven about 40 minutes later. This was also made gluten free, as we replaced the flour in the recipe with arrowroot in the gravy. It came out amazing, leaving me to wonder: why have I never tried shepard's pie before?

I am thankful for many things today, one being the path of veganism which has led me to try new things.


omgoshimvegan said...

Those cupcakes look fantastic.

chrisasaurus said...

Oddly enough (or maybe not), I like these better than regular wheat ones. The cake has a much lighter texture and reminds me of a Suzy-q or any of those Hostess Devil's food cakes... very light and moist. The frosting is just the standard vegan buttercream, which is GF to begin with.

rach said...

Thanks omg! They turned out very yummy.