Monday, November 15, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 11: Our Parm

I love nooch. Nutritional yeast, if you aren't familiar with the term. It's a vegetarian B-12 supplement that resembles "cheese" in its color and slightly in flavor. It's not the same thing as cheese though, so don't expect that! I love nooch so much, I like to eat it on its own sometimes.

A bit dry, a little chewy, but dang, so good.

The other day, my two year old asked for some nooch from the jar. Not on anything in particular, just plain nooch. That's my girl.

Nooch is an important ingredient in the vegan parmesan I make. My recipe is made with stuff we generally have on hand based on the recipe from Yellow Rose Recipes by Joanna Vaught. (Limited copies left! If you want this book, now is the time! It is one of my favorites.) It's great to use around the house and we even take it with us to the local pizza place-order a pie without cheese and apply your parm liberally.

1/3 cup of hemp seeds
1/3 cup of walnuts
1/3 cup of nooch
1/3 cup of brown rice flour
1/2 tsp salt
 I use our stick blender's chopping attachment to waz this up. It's kinda handy for small jobs like this.
 30 seconds or so should do the trick.
 And then I pour it in the stainless steel shaker can, for easy distribution.
 A widemouth canning jar funnel work perfectly and keeps me from making a mess. I need all the help I can get.
 Slap a label on it if you are so inclined, stick it in the fridge and call it done.
This is great on pizzas, pasta, soups, salads, just about anything you might have eaten parmesan on and some things you didn't think of before (I never was one to put parm on pizza pre-vegan, though my husband did). Enjoy!


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Saving this recipe because it sounds great!

chrisasaurus said...

It's a smart stick, but it has yet to make us more when we run out; so how smart is it really?