Thursday, February 26, 2009

working hard for the veggies

With a 60 degree day on the weather radar we knew that this would be a good one for getting a jump start on our gardening plans. We are essentially starting at square one as far as food gardening, and part one of our Plan To Grow A Crapton of Veg started with building some raised beds. And 8 cubic yards of dirt!

Luckily, wonder hubby has been coming home early-ish from work to get outside every day this week and level the ground to install these beds. It wasn't all 60 degree weather these past few days-it was more like 40s and 30s in the early evening that he braved the cold.

But get them done he did-all but the fifth, which requires another run to the lumber department.
Now for the compost-y filling. And just in time for a large amount of rain this weekend. Woot.

The tomato seedlings are sprouting, coming back strong after a small over watering mishap.
And everywhere else spring it bursting onto our mild climate already. Buds on trees, flocks of robins, fields of daffodils.
This is my favorite part of the year.


ChristyACB said...

My favorite time is coming here too. Early blooms and mild days...ahh..can't wait.

I just finished two more raised beds and filling them. My latest delivery was 6 cubic yards of compost mix. 6 yards a few weeks ago.

I tell ya, I'm tired of moving dirt! LOL.

When I first saw your picture, I had to do a double take.

It is worth it though, the raised beds do so well with production and require so little post-building work that you'll love them.

Are you using Square Foot Gardening or French Intensive or something else.

Happy Digging!

chrisasaurus said...

I would just like to make a note that my back has quit earth... (the planet, not dirt).

the rachface said...

I love the mild days! We don't get enough of them around here. It seems to go from nice to sweltering overnight.

We are trying the "plant and see how it grows" method! My experience gardening with my parents involved two acres of land and really long rows, so I never had to do raised beds or worry about space constraints before. Urban gardening is a whole different ball game for me. I didn't know about the French Intensive method until you just mentioned it and I googled. Strangely enough I had just put John Jeavons book on hold at the library because of a mention on another blog. I can't wait to read it!

Isn't moving dirt fun? I thought so. My favorite part was lugging around a 28 pound baby at the same time because she decided that she needed mama time right then. Oh well, she's cute so she gets her way. As for daddy, well, his back rebels.