Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the garden, stage 1

Seed to Seed challenge update:

Somewhere here in the near future there will be raised beds and compost going in. Right after some of the smaller trees come out. These little guys are giving up their lives, though I promised each one we would be planting two more to replace it. Dwarf fruit trees, in the fall. That's the plan anyway!


ChristyACB said...

OMG, you are right! Our backyards do look alike. Yessiree, hurray for Coastal Virginia!

LOL. Raised beds are the best out here, really...that clay is for the birds.

chrisasaurus said...

The master gardener at one of our local nursery's actually said that clay was one of the best things to grow in, so long as you used something like clay buster and/or compost to have it drain better. Fortnately, most of the area where we are putting the raised beds was actually an in ground garden when my parents owned the house. We're putting in a fill/mushroom compost mix, but really, the dirt underneath wasn't very hard to dig, but I bet that 4 inches down, it's hardpan. Damn construction backfill crap.