Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reason: Gardening.

I am a bit of a transplant. Born in New England, I have lived in several different states and overseas while my military family followed my dad around the world. It was good times and gave me life experiences that some kids my age will never have.

A predominant chunk of my childhood and life was spent in the Pacific Northwest, and it is there that I realize now I truly feel at home. I am a lush green forest kind of girl. But one of the biggest things I remember from my home in Washington was the garden my parents tended. I have pictures somewhere, and I'd love to share them someday. This backyard has super status in my memory as the coolest backyard ever (well, until we moved to California... then I had a naval base for a backyard and that was pretty cool too).

Lately I have felt disconnected and removed from things like my community and the passage of time, particularly the seasons. I realize now that gardening has a lot to offer me besides heavy sweaty work in the buggy, humid summers. It can offer me a new outlook on the life that I sometimes think of as drudgery. It can help me reconnect to the girl that used to hike alone in the woods without fear of spiders, bears, or snakes. It can help me be a better mother to my daughter, wife to my husband, and steward to my land.

Long story short, I want to give my daughter the gift of garden related memories, like the kind I remember with such fondness. As part of this, I'm signing up for the Growing Challenge from Seed to Seed over at One Green Generation. I had already planned to start a basic veg garden this year, and the idea that I can then save the seeds from successful plants and use them next year will motivate me. Also, having to answer to someone else about what I'm doing will keep me honest. So, I suppose I should get to planning what seeds I should buy this year...


Melinda said...

Beautiful post! My grandfather had a garden as I was growing up in Seattle, and I remember it very fondly. Enjoy looking through seed catalogs!

the rachface said...

Thanks Melinda! I miss Seattle. Hope to get back for a visit someday!

Miko's Girl said...


My Aunt Creedy, Aunt Ann, Aunt Helen, and my parents inspire me to garden. I want my girls to see the life cycles of butterflies, pick fresh herbs and veggies out of the gardens, see the progress from seed to plant, watch birds.

Anyway, today I wrote on mulching my yard with newspaper as weed block and thought it would be a good tip to pass onto you:

Good luck with the gardening.